Review Guidelines

Your review will become a strong reference point for pilgrims who are seriously considering the services of that particular tour agency, so do think carefully before submitting.

We ask you take into account the following guideline when submitting a review.

Stay on topic

It is important to only write about the tour agent’s services and not matters that were out of their hands. Certain transportation arrangements in Saudi Arabia or the location of your tent in Mina are managed by the authorities in Saudi Arabia and your agent should not be blamed if things do not go to planned in certain instances. 


Reviews are one of the most important tools in establishing the credibility of tour agencies. We want to ensure the site remains a trustworthy and useful source of information for Hajj and Umrah travel therefore we do not allow the submission of reviews by anyone affiliated with any tour agency. If we find a review to have been submitted which violates this we reserve the right to blacklist the user from the site, and remove any affiliated listing pages permanently. 

Your experience

We and the global muslim community want to hear YOUR experience. Second hand information or stories you may have heard are just that – stories! We want first-hand written reviews that you can describe in detail. 

Easy reading

Remember, your review could be seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. Therefore take care to use correct spelling and grammar when possible and make it reader-friendly and concise. 


We ask that you do not name any of the staff or the owner of any tour agency. We understand you may have a grievance but individual privacy should be observed.

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