• Naila
    June 7, 2018 at 11:57 am

    Excellent Hajj truly 5 star
    My husband and I went to hajj with karwan Al Madina Halifax.september 4 th to September 20 th 2016.
    Uncle Rab Nawaz and Saqab were with us from the minute we decided to go with them.
    They did pretty good for their first time with VIP package.
    Everything was perfect.
    Allah bless them and we would definitely recommend them to family and friends and go back again.

  • Imran
    July 1, 2018 at 10:59 am

    Alhamdu’Lillah, i have used Karwan Al Madinah services to visit the blessed lands 4 times in total. Once for Hajj and 3 Umrah trips with parents and kids, Alhamdu’Lillah.

    All four trips were arranged perfectly, Alhamdu’Lillah. Yes you have the minor problems which are out of the control of Karwan al Madinah, but patience is key.

    Haji Rabnawaz, Saqab and Abdul Basit take great care in ensuring the experience is as best as possible. I never had any major issues and when i had a minor problem or query, it was resolved when i reported it.

    Out of the 4 trips, i had one experience where the coach from Madinah to Makkah at Hajj time was not very comfortable. The coaches are provided by the Hajj Ministry at Saudi. I reported this problem and Alhamdu’Lillah, Karwan Al Madinah resolved this problem the following year for Haji’s by ensuring they booked V.I.P coaches.

    I have nothing but praise for this company. They do what they say and are always available when i have questions.

    I was searching for Karwan Al Madinah office number and was surprised to see a negative review about this company which led to me leaving my review. I can not believe that the negative review is true and being left several months after Hajj, but Allah (swt) knows best.

    Jazakh’Allah Khair and may Allah (swt) allow us to visit the blessed lands over and over again. Aameen


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