• Wahid Rahman
    May 20, 2018 at 6:29 am

    My first Umrah and Hajj so really wanted travel with a group who had the resource, knowledge and expertise. Hasan Hajj is truely a family business and go the extra mile in every way possible. From creating the intial family feeling prior to the days of hajj through their choice of hotel, activities, food, religous reminders to prepare for whats to come, to the actual days of hajj. The days of hajj were extra special due to their years of experience in the field so the Sheiks knew when to go for Tawaf and Jamarat to minimise risk while maximising quality of worship where possible. You would think that with much of the major events controlled by ministry of hajj, they wouldnt be able to influence much. However, with every task, the fine details such as constant reminders, timing of food, break is planned in a excellent manner to provide a great balance to accommodate everyones needs.

    Other members of my family, friends travelled with Hasan Hajj and all agree that they lead the way in the market. In all honestly, the value for money is amazing even though I didnt pay for the higher package. May allah grant them all jannah and accept all their work as a form of worship.

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